Thursday, June 25, 2015

What Rude Beast Lurches Towards South Street to Be Rocking the Piers?

Khevre --

Actually, as beasts go, the band Golem is pretty well-mannered. And musically, at least, they skip and strut more than they lurch. But it is towards the South Street Seaport that they are propelled for a gig this weekend. Saturday evening, June 27, Golem will be playing at Fulton and Water Streets as part of  a deliciously global gumbo of music that will run from 5 to 9 p.m. Also appearing Los Crema Paraiso, a power trio from Caracas, Venezuela, who put a psychedelic spin on everything they touch, and Benyoro, a Malian band that mixes traditional and modern moods.

Which is, of course, what Golem has always done, and continues to do. They emerged from hibernation last year with a new album, a modified line-up and new energy. They overcame the death of their record label (JDub, R.I.P.) and bounced back good as new. (For an interview I did with band leader Annette Ezekiel Kogan when Tanz, their most recent album, was released, go here.) The Saturday gig looks like a really clever blend of disparate global sounds, and Golem were always a powerhouse live act, so it's worth a trip downtown (if you're in town).

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